Here in the Netherlands, we have a slightly broader definition of Retail which also includes the sale of services. So let’s be clear here: We’re purely talking about the sale of physical products to end-consumers. In the age of the internet, it might sound slightly old-fashioned but it’s still the foundation of our economy. That’s why retail recruitment is an important part of our business.

The things you used to buy in a store, you now order online. Even the daily groceries get delivered to your home and a new package of razor-blades appears in the mailbox every month. So why do people even go to stores anymore? It’s a question constantly on the minds of both retailers and their business partners.

From E-commerce companies trying to cater to their customer’s every need to retail-chains trying to offer an experience rather than a product. They are innovating every day in an attempt to keep their customers coming back and service them even better. And they’re not just doing it by working smarter themselves, they’re also doing it with the help of others. Companies that focus on gathering data about customer behavior, for example.

Search X Recruitment follows the latest trends and developments in the Retail industry closely. Throughout the years we have served a number of different clients in this sector and built a valuable network of skilled professionals.

Our clients in the Retail Industry
Tacx, Boldking, iBOOD, GrandVision, Action, Smartspotter, Datlinq

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