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As much as you may want it, growth does not happen by itself. Scale-up recruitment could help immensely.

It is a process, with steps. And with every step comes a different challenge. From Start-up to Scale-up to Grown-up. We take up the challenge with you. We bite into it and don’t let go. No matter how big the bone is.

From finding that future lead and building complete teams, to thinking about your organizational structure and preparing your existing team for the growth to come. Whatever the challenge, you need a partner standing by your side. That’s why we are here, Search X Scale-up Recruitment.

Your challenge

There are no straight lines in nature...

Grow faster than you can handle. That is both the goal and the challenge. Your proposition has already been proven, the investors are already behind you and the only thing that remains is that you scale up your company as quickly as possible. More customers, more turnover, more colleagues.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. There are not only advantages to working for a scale-up. To start with all the rapid changes that are hard to keep up with. Hired last year, already a lead, and later also become a manager? Do you still keep it? Plus, it feels very different to be employee #5 than #505. Not to mention the culture that seems to change almost daily. That’s why the right Scale-up recruitment is essential.

…or business

The solution is simple, but not easy. It’s about involvement. Believe in the mission of the company and are willing to commit yourself fully to it. That’s what you’re looking for in that new colleague. Someone who has faith in the future shares your vision and does everything in its power to make it come true. Actually exactly what you are looking for in a recruitment partner, but luckily you have already found it. Unrestrained growth is our mission.

Start growing today

From Start-up to Grown-up, the Scale-up recruitment is essential

Not everyone has the same goal, but we are all ambitious. There is a dot on the horizon and we have to go there. You just need the right people for that.

From the developer who knows how to bring your platform to the masses to the data scientist who constantly comes up with new insights. Whatever you’re looking for, we know where to find it.

We grow together

From talent scarcity and changes in technology to rising salaries and aggressive agencies – growing isn’t easy.

But we stand faithfully by your side. Searching, digging, hunting… we do everything to make your growth possible. Whether it’s your first employee, or number one hundred. An entire team or a future CTO. You know what you’re looking for, we know where to find it.

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