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Renewable Engineering recruiters

Changing the world – that’s your mission. But you can’t do it alone.

You need smart technicians who never run out of fuel. Renewable Engineers. Unfortunately, they are scarce. Very scarce. The colleagues you want to have usually already work for the competitor.

Moreover, they have plenty of options and there is always someone willing to pay more. The market is flooded with recruitment agencies that prioritize quantity over quality and headhunters who only believe in the law of large numbers. That can be different. That has to be different. That should be better. That’s why we are here, Search Renewable Engineering Recruitment.

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Let us tell you our story

Recruitment is more than a numbers game for us. We have enough candidates.

But we understand that your new colleague is more than a job profile. It’s not just about hard skills, but also about a personal click. With you, your team, and your mission.

That’s where our search begins. And once we get the hang of it, we won’t let go. Not even when we have a bite. Because even after your new employee has been found, the work continues. From work permits and housing to the 30% facility and personal coaching. Your growth is our challenge.

There is nothing
new under the sun

Experience is invaluable, especially in renewable engineering. It’s just not always available.

Especially not when you’re doing something new and actually already know everyone in your market. Where should you look then? You can look at the competition, but the only thing you know for sure is that you are always one step behind.

We prefer to lead the way. By looking further. To the content and off the beaten track. We have a nose for potential and know that you can teach any dog new tricks. That’s why we make sure we listen. Listening to what our candidates say about their work and what you say about your renewable engineering business.

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