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More, faster, and always as agreed.

We buy more and more online, want to have it delivered faster and faster, and also be able to determine exactly when it will arrive where. And someone has to get it all done. A great challenge, which is getting bigger and bigger. That’s why you need the right talent. From the engineer who builds the smartest software to the product owner who sees exactly where things can be improved.

Only they are scarce. And they are only getting scarcer. We all know that. They are not short of options and are approached daily with new vacancies. That can be different. That has to be different. That should be better. That’s why we are here, Search X Recruitment.

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Time = Money

But data is gold.

With that massive increase in the number of packages and the endless demand for even faster, more accurate deliveries, logistics are changing faster than ever before. From new chain partners and smart financing to big data and machine learning.

To keep up with that change, you need professionals who are constantly able to adapt. Driven talents who already think about tomorrow today and who not only see opportunities but also seize them. People who do not allow themselves to be summarized by one technique or method, but who choose the right-tool-for-the-job. We call them recruiters. But whatever they are called with you, we know where to find them.

Growing doesn't happen by itself

Industry Challenges

Higher volumes, lower margins, and longer chains. Logistics needs improvement.

As much as you may want it, growth does not happen by itself. New challenges are constantly lurking. We take up the challenge with you. We bite into it and don’t let go. No matter how big the bone is.

From analyzing the data and building the smartest warehouse, to setting up your ERP systems. We find the right person for the job.

  • UI/UX-designers
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • ERP/CRM experts
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