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Ernst is the last one to be mad at you. He sails this ship as one of the three captains, and never loses speed. With over 13 years of experience in the field of recruitment, he knows better than anyone how the market works. His enormous drive ensures extraordinary results, and Ernst answers the phone all day, every day. But watch out, because he’ll threaten to use embarrassing footage from Friday parties against you if you don’t work hard enough. Thus undersigned.

Thanks to Joost, we keep thinking big, but stay on the ground with both feet. As one of the founding fathers, he’s been contributing in the big success of Search X from the very beginning. But that success doesn’t make Joost any less motivated. In fact, his drive keeps growing every day. The three-headed management team would lose loads of effectivity and experience if Joost will ever leave. Lucky for us, he doesn’t plan to. As the owner of office-dog Harley, he still recieves gratefulness. The bill for the carpet will come later.

Michel Bruins Slot

CxO Sales, Marketing and Renewable Engineering

With his smart, stubborn and loyal character, Michel completes the leading trio to what it is now. As a co-owner, he is responsible for the Sales, Marketing and Renewable Engineering divisions. He is a real entrepeneur, with his strengths in setting up businesses and creating new business opportunities. He never loses sight of personal contact with his colleagues, business relations, and clients. He connects with people through his enthusiasm and will always go the extra mile. Ask him for an anecdote en you’ll get a dozen of them. You’ll get him quiet for about 5 minutes only when you win a game of pool from him.

Ruben van Dam

Business Development Manager & Corporate Recruiter

Success, that’s what Ruben is all about. As an athlete, as an entrepreneur, as Customer Success Manager at Search X. He thinks in opportunities, sees possibilities, and speaks in solutions. His unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity mean he’ll never miss a detail and doesn’t stop until all questions have been answered. With his experience in Marketing, Recruitment, and Business Development, Ruben knows better than anyone how to turn a challenge into a victory. Building teams is his specialty. As an avid rower, he knows exactly what makes a team successful: Trust. That’s what he stands for.

Jeroen Breedijk

Senior Consultant

When Jeroen enters the room, with him comes movement and energy. Not surprising when you consider that he has energy for 10. Through years of experience in recruitment, he has a keen instinct for commercial opportunities. “Success has always been a child of courage”, that is his motto in life and that is also what the customer and candidate appreciate in him. He is sincere and open, wears his heart on his sleeve, humor is the cement. In addition to the recruitment life, Jeroen is a youth coach at a football association. All in all, this makes him a real team player and a true coach!

Maarten Wolters

Senior Consultant

Maarten has had quite some years of recruitment experience. The sum of his spontaneous personality, positive attitude and enormous drive make him the ideal recruiter! One thing is certain, Maarten was born to do this. Maarten doesn’t like the idea of losing. As a recruiter, he will not stop until he has found the right match. A driving force and a nice colleague on who you can depend. His life motto: “Do not stop until you are the best.” With this motto, he not only keeps himself sharp and focussed but also friends and enemies!

Sjoerd Blanker

Senior Consultant
+31 6 24285473

It’s one of Sjoerds dreams to become a killer whale trainer, but yet he joined our team. It seemed to be the better choice. With his structured approach and smooth chat he wins our hearts one by one. His experience in recruitment has been noticable from the start. He makes this job a tactical masterpiece, just like he does with his favourite games poker, chess and soccer. And here you go: you can make a job out of your hobbies.

Bram Wiggers

Executive Search Consultant

At the start of 2020, Bram took a new turn in his career and started as a recruiter at Search X. His roots lie in Twente which makes him a rational, but a positive thinker. Bram excels in his open and honest attitude and can always get along with everyone. Bram’s motto is: “Make your life it the most beautiful life you can lead”. He also tries to achieve this for clients and candidates. A new job, a better life. A new employee, a better company. He raises the bar and sets high goals. Always challenges himself to strive for the most optimal outcome.

Bastiaan Kroep

Executive Search Consultant

Bastiaan is a born salesman, but since his start, at Search X he has also acquired substance. Of course, he goes for the best result, but only with a good feeling. Feedback is a gift for him, in other words, he learns quickly and continues to surprise us in a positive way. He is a real team player and always wants to please everyone.

Floris Minkjan

Executive Search Consultant

Floris is very precise and therefore quite factual, which is why it took him a little longer to complete his studies ;). With his predilection for our planet and the environment, he focuses on the recruitment profession within renewable engineering. The human factor is very important to him and, as befits a real go-getter, he only let’s go when it feels 100% right.

Mark Trebels

Executive Search Consultant

Mark is our professor and “markipedia”. He is still eager to learn and is therefore one of the rare “old” dogs that can still learn new “tricks”. He remains critical and alert, and that cannot be otherwise with such a wealth of experience. As an experienced sales professional with a lot of business insight, he helps candidate and customer to make the right choices.

Abdallah El Yamany

Executive Search Consultant

Abdallah is the youngest among us, but you won’t be able to tell without knowing it. Because if there’s someone able to learn something and immediately apply it, it’s Abdallah. And learning, that’s not the problem with him. Casually working three days a week, while finishing his bachelor’s degree without breaking a sweat. Only a few can do it, but he manages it. That promises something for the future.

Tessa Stuijt

Executive Search Consultant

Since Tessa arrived at the office, the ambiance got even better. She wants to get shit done, which you can see in her working results, but the colleagues enjoy her organizing skills as well. She comes up with funny Friday drinks with a theme that only Tessa can invent, but everyone enjoys it just as much. On the beach in summer, playing board games in winter, and all year long, she works very hard to perfect the tricks of the trade. Because it’s almost impossible to do something perfectly. Well, that’s what she says herself.

Luca Massaro

Executive Search Consultant

Luca takes his tasks seriously, whether it’s about cleaning up after lunch or preparing a meeting. He’s constantly impressed by others’ work, without realizing he comes dangerously close after only a few weeks. Observing his colleagues is hard to maintain for a long time, because he’s so eager to get to work himself. And a speech or two at a Christmas dinner is inescapable with Luca, who won’t miss his chance to take the word. But when there’s someone to listen to, he is the first one to be there.

Herre Luisman

Executive Search Consultant
+316 27251937

Herre chases his dreams. After finishing his studies Environment Economics, he wanted to do something that makes a difference. And as the newest member of the Renewable Engineering team, he really does that by bringing people to the best jobs in assisting to the energy transition. Reducing global warming is also out of own interest, because Herre is a real Dutch “cold-sports-guy”. With a bit of snow or ice, he swooshes away and you won’t see him back. Unless the track is in a cirkel, then you’ll see him a lot 😉 He himself is only smooth when he really has to, by the way.

Conrad Klatte

Executive Search Consultant

It’s pretty much always fun to walk by Conrad’s desk. But sometimes he doesn’t say a word for multiple hours, because he is working so hard. Here you go: some things are just balanced. When Conrad walked in at the company Christmas dinner even before his first day at work, everybody knew it: this man does not get cold feet. That personality is also recognizable in his work. He flies or dies, gives everything and never gives up. A day has not been succesful is he hasn’t learned anything. This smart workaholic is loyal to the ways of work, but does it in his own stubborn way.

Youp Troost

Executive Search Consultant
+31 6 38102755

Since Youp wanders around in this office, the plants seem to be a much brighter colour green. It even looks like there are more of them, but that could be an illusion. However, you can thank Youp for it. But he is more than a plant-lover, because he can debate like it’s his second nature. As a politician, he can use his verbal talents in the best way possible during his conversations with candidates. He keeps searching for what truly adds value for someone.


Lukas Schlatmann

Content Writer

Lukas is too busy to write his own bio. No single vacancy may be written the same. Every job is different. Let alone the employer. We always present these in a unique way in an X fact sheet. Fortunately, this is Lukas’ great passion; write. He can also row quite a bit and doesn’t turn down dance to Queen either. Please email for unique images 😉

Fresh ambition, that’s the spirit Rick has since he works here. Learning new things every day and having the guts to keep asking questions. That’s how you improve, and that’s how we know the things he writes stay original. He starts to win at the pool table already, so he’s settling well enough.

Jan Jellema

Trainer and Content Writer

With his in-depth knowledge of content, Jan is our walking encyclopedia. With almost 6 years of experience in the recruitment world, he knows what makes the difference: quality. Together with the team, he is committed to delivering the best quality each and every day. With his keen eye and knowledge of the market, he always manages to get the real question out and translate it like no other into the right solution. It is not only his unlimited drive and technical know-how that make him successful but also his people-oriented approach. The technique is leading, without losing sight of the person.

Jakub is the creative and technical brain behind the Search X Recruitment website. As an experienced Full Stack Developer, he not only ensures that the website looks nice, but also that we are up and running 24/7 and that applications can be applied safely. Skills in which he excels are HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Gulp, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, OctoberCMS, and Python.

Harley, Senior Recruitment Dog, part of the team since 2017. He is curious, smart and a bit stubborn. The smartest Dachshund in the world.

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