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We are Search X. A recruitment agency specialized in recruiting IT, Sales, Marketing and Renewable Engineering professionals for permanent positions and temporary assignments.

Our work is more than just looking for a suitable candidate or suggesting an interesting opportunity. We look for an answer to the question of our client. And to find that answer, we first need to understand the question. How do we do this? By listening. To our clients, our candidates, and the market.

We are Search X.

This is how we find your

Searching, digging, dissecting… whatever it takes to get to know the person behind the candidate and the client. We’re stubborn and have a healthy hunter’s instinct. We safeguard and tackle everything. Surrender is not an option.

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From Start-up to Grown-up

No matter how much you’d like it to, growth doesn’t just happen. It’s a process, with steps. Steps a recruitment agency can take for you. Like Search X does.

And with every step comes a different challenge. From Start-up to Scale-up to Grown-up. We’re ready to take on that challenge. We bite down and never let go. No matter how big the challenge may be.

We Grow, Together

From scarce talent and changing technology, to rising salaries and aggressive agencies – Growth does not come easy. Our recruitment agency offers the ideal help.

But we’re right by your side. Searching, digging, hunting…whatever it takes to make your growth possible. Whether it’s your first employee or the hundreth, an entire team or your future CTO. You know what you’re looking for, we know how to find it.

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We are happy with Search X Recruitment because they understand precisely how we work and which people we’re looking for. They’re innovative in their approach and truly believe in building a relationship with their clients.

Karin Struikman, Wolters Kluwer

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A new employee is more than a job profile. You know who you are looking for, we know where to find it.


Because things can and must be done differently, we do not find what you are looking for, but who you need.


Your problem becomes our problem, your growth is our work!