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Good IT professionals are extremely scarce. And they are only getting scarcer.

We all know that. They are not short of options and are approached daily with new vacancies. The IT market has been flooded in recent years.

Overrun with recruitment agencies that put quantity over quality and headhunters who only believe in the law of the big numbers. And it shows. Inboxes are filled with mismatched profiles, candidates are harassed at work and voicemails are overflowing with unanswered cold calls. That can be different. That has to be different. That should be better. That’s why we are here, Search IT Recruitment.

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Recruitment is more than a numbers game for us. We have enough candidates.

But we understand that your new colleague is more than a job profile. It’s not just about hard skills, but also about a personal click. With you, your team, and your mission.

That’s where our search begins. And once we’ve got hold of the trail, we won’t let go. Not even when we have a bite. Because even after your new employee has been found, the work continues. From work permits and housing to the 30% facility and personal coaching. Your growth is our challenge.

Technology stands
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From Machine Learning, VR, and IoT to serverless architectures, the world is changing at lightning speed. And so is this IT Recruitment agency.

To keep up with that change, you need professionals who are constantly able to adapt. Driven talents who already think about tomorrow today and who not only see but also seize opportunities.

People who do not allow themselves to be summarized by one technique or method, but who choose the right-tool-for-the-job. We call them recruiters. But whatever they are called with you, we know where to find them. Of course, we don’t know all the techniques. That is almost impossible. There is always an obscure programming language that suddenly becomes popular, a new CI/CD tool to deploy even faster, or a new framework that makes last month’s new framework obsolete. That’s why we make sure we listen. Listening to what our candidates say about their work and what you say about your business. That’s what we as an IT Recruitment agency are supposed to do.

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