Focus on Sales

We’re all different. But Sales professionals, they’re in a league of their own. We all know it. It’s not easy separating the wheat from the chaff and the better the candidate, the tougher the negotiation. Luckily, there’s Search X Recruitment. With over a decade of Sales experience, we know how to separate the sales tigers from the house cats and how to tame them.

Through our years of experience in Sales, we are capable of getting to the heart of the matter quickly, with both clients and candidates. Just like our candidates we are driven by ambition and know it feels like to be hungry, hungry for success. But we can only do it by first putting ourselves in our client’s position. Fortunately, we have a large network and know both the market and your competition. And, we focus on your goals. How quickly do you want to grow? Where? How? That way, we’re not only able to find the right Sales professional for now, but also your future.

From Inside Sales to Sales Manager. From Junior Business Developer to Key Account Manager. From Commercial Director to setting up a completely new sales organization. We don’t only know how to find the right professional, but also how to bind them. We guide the entire process, not just from vacancy to placement, but from goal to realization. So you can keep growing. Whether you’re a scrappy start-up in search of a hands-on Business Development Manager, a Scale-up trying to expand to new markets, or a large multinational trying to serve her customers better. Search X Recruitment seals the deal.

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