Example cv

Curriculum Vitae (Name + Surname)

Personal Information

Name: [Surname], [Name]
Mailing address: [Address] [ + Postal Code + City]
Phone number: +31643260680
Date of birth: [Month + Day], 19–
Place of birth: [City], [Country]
Nationality: Dutch
Marital status: Married
Sex: Male / Female


Aug. 2004 – today [University + place], [Program] + (English language education).
Major: [Graduation subject].

Jan. 2003 – June 2004
Studying abroad? Add what classes you took. If good grades, also add scores.

1997 – 2003 [Name of pre-university college], [place]. HAVO (pre-university education)
Add what classes you took. If good grades, also add scores.

Professional Experience

Oct. 2005 – today [Your function], [what company/student union etc], [City].
[Brief explanation of your responsibilities]. (number of hours a week).

Nov. 2003 – Sept. 2005 Consultant, recruitment Agency Search X Recruitment, Amsterdam.
Tasks: Sourcing, Recruitment Selection and Executive Search. (40 hours a week)

Business Courses / Workshops / Additional education

July 2003 (4 days) [Company name, if business-course + Business-course],
[number of participants selected in the Netherlands + if international total selected].
Febr. 2001 (5 days) ING, course banking.
[year] [Company name], name/topic of training/workshop.
1998 JSR, ERP system.


Oct. 2004 – April 2005 Search X Recruitment, Amsterdam. Responsible for Recruitment.


If you have ever written a thesis, did market research and wrote a report on this, etc. Add a brief description of the work and if available an ISBN number.


Dutch native
English fluent
German good
French average

Other activities

2000 – today [what did you do],[what company, shop, student union etc], [place]. Briefly elaborate if needed (number of hours a week).

Computer skills

Good knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS FrontPage, SPSS, and the Internet. Small experience with Novell.


Traveling, hockey, golf (in the possession of GVB), skiing, tennis, windsurfing, rowing, horse riding, investing (stocks), fitness, playing the guitar, playing chess, diving (Advanced), etc. Max, two lines!

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