Customer Success Manager: what do you actually do?

A revolution is underway. Products and services are becoming more and more complex and competition can be felt in every market. But how do you onboard customers and make sure they stay? The answer: A Customer Success Manager. Sales and support were once two different worlds. Sales sold the product and support came to see if something went wrong. However, this was not enough for many SaaS companies.

customer success manager

When your revenue model is based on retaining customers, you need to make sure they stay with you. That is why about ten years ago the first Customer Success Managers were created for this purpose. An all-in-one feature that works from the customer’s point of view. No more separate Sales, Account Management and Support! The Customer Success Manager ensures that the customer can use the product optimally, from onboarding to possible support. In the meantime, Customer Success Managers have become an integral part of the SaaS world and he is appearing in more and more places. But what exactly does a Customer Success Manager do and what requirements must a good Customer Success Manager meet? You can read it on our white paper. Or simply contact us and we will help you right away.

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