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What is the added value of a recruitment agency?

More and more companies are struggling with hard to fill positions. And while recruitment agencies used to be almost exclusively focused on highly specialized positions or executive roles, they are becoming more active in other disciplines. But what is the real added value of working with a recruitment agency?

  • A good recruitment agency will have a large up-to-date network of potential candidates. Professionals that they know well and can quickly get in touch with. Search X has spoken to over 8000 candidates in these past few years and built a strong and valuable network of highly-skilled professionals.
  • A good recruitment agency will have capable consultants that have specialized in one specific sector or discipline. This way, they are able to speak to candidates at their own level and give proper advice. Take our consultant Jan for example, he has specialized in Data amongst other things. To keep his knowledge up to date he regularly follows online courses and he has recently completed several Python courses.
  • A good recruitment agency does the pre-screening and in some cases a reference check which often results in higher-quality candidates than when a company does its own recruitment.
  • A good recruitment agency will have invested in innovative tooling, allowing them to post jobs worldwide at the click of a button and target suitable candidates anywhere on the globe.

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