Software Architect

Utrecht , The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 60.000  -  € 90.000
IT Consultancy

Payments, Lending, Credit Risk, Regulations. You know where this is going: the financial market. In the past decades, nothing has changed more than the financial industry. From the financial crisis back in 2008 to the COVID19 regulations that are now put in place. In order to manage this, the financial industry needs specialistic software solutions to stay on top. But also to stay in line. Are you going to help?

Please tell me more…

IT is at the heart of the financial industry. In order to perform, but let’s be honest also to operate in general they need great software solutions. Software solutions that make payments possible, software solutions that can review the credit risks, software solutions that can detect fraud. And of course much more.

That is where this company comes into play. They are helping the big players in the financial industry to create top-notch software solutions to stay on top. They do this by placing the best of the best IT professionals in the teams of those big players. As real consultants. Are you going to make it happen?

What are we looking for…

We are looking for a great Software Architect that wants to work for the key players within the financial market. Not only for one player but for all of them.

As a Software Architect, you will be working on all aspects of development. You will develop new functionalities and solutions for complex financial applications and systems. For example internet banking or payment applications.

Of course, you also take a look at the quality and you are going to optimize processes. Besides bringing new technologies to the projects. All this together with a great and experienced team!

The Sheep with five legs

A few years of work experience as a Software Architect is a good starting point. You also completed a Bachelor’s Degree. Of course, you are a specialist in Java Development and also have experience with CI/CD. It would be a great bonus if you also have experience with frontend techniques like Vue, Angular en React.

Another big plus will be the willingness to work for different clients.

That sounds great, but what about the money

This company knows how to take care of its people. The base salary is up to €7.500 gross a month depending on your experience. This is excluding the mobility budget of €850 every month, which you can also choose to cash out. Of course, your pension is taken care of. And you will also participate in the bonus structure. Because working from home is the standard nowadays, this company will also provide connectivity and working from home compensation. Working flexible working hours like 32 hours is also possible.

Almost forgot to mention, but this company has been awarded several times for the training possibilities that they have. So if you want to be educated even more than you already are, you are exactly where you need to but. What are you waiting for: Apply Now!

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