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The new salary requirements for expats

Many European employers are looking for specific knowledge and skills that aren’t readily available in their own country. In those cases, the choice is often made to hire someone from outside the European Union, a Highly Skilled Migrant.

With the start of the new year, we’ve entered a new era of salary requirements for expats and highly skilled ICT and blue card workers. People like you, well-educated and with enough experience, need to know what you deserve to earn at least. We’ve got the information for you that is valid since the start of 2023.

A knowledge migrant or highly skilled migrant is someone from outside Europe who has a work permit allowing them to work in the Netherlands based on his or her technical or scientific knowledge. To get this work permit in the Netherlands, the employer has to be registered with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service as a Recognised Sponsor. Besides this, there are several criteria the position needs to meet to be able to apply for a work permit. There is, for example, an income requirement.

Registering with the IND and applying for a work permit is a complicated process but fortunately, we at Search X Recruitment are more than happy to assist you. Want to know more about applying for a work permit? Make sure to also read this post.

Salary requirements for expats, ICT and blue card workers

The new salary requirements for expats and highly skilled migrant, ICT and blue card workers have been announced for 2023. Lucky for you, it’s been raised so the inflation is being recognized and considered. This is the overview:

• Highly skilled migrant/ICT of 30 years and older:  € 5,008
• Highly skilled migrant/ICT younger than 30 years:  € 3,672
• Highly skilled migrant who is eligible for the reduced salary requirement:  € 2,631
• European Blue Card holder: €  5,867

These are the minimum gross salaries per month excluding holiday pay. However, the salary must always be at market level, a staff members’ salary cannot be increased over the rest of the team for the sole purpose of meeting immigration requirements.

Want to know more about the IND process or hiring Highly Skilled Migrants?


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