Recruitment needs to improve. That’s why we’re here.

The recruitment market has been flooded in recent years. Flooded with recruitment agencies that value quantity over quality and recruiters who only believe in the law of big numbers. And it shows. Inboxes are filling up with useless resumes, candidates are getting stalked at their place of work and voicemails are overflowing with unanswered cold calls.

There has to be another way. There needs to be another way. Recruitment needs to improve. That’s why we’re here, Search X.

Search X Recruitment was founded in 2013 because we wanted to do things differently. To us, recruitment is more than a numbers game. Quality over quantity, honest and sincere – that’s our starting point. Our work is more than just looking for a suitable candidate or suggesting an interesting opportunity. We look for an answer to the question of our client. And to find that answer, we first need to understand the question. How do we do this? By listening. To our clients, our candidates and the market.

Not what you ask for but what you need!

We believe it’s important to keep growing and thinking along with our clients and candidates. That’s why we are constantly working to keep our knowledge up-to-date. In both the field of IT, Sales and Marketing. And even though we enjoy a little game now and then, we don’t play keyword bingo with resumes. We understand what you do and want to know what drives you. Because that… that’s what drives us.

How we do things differently:

  • We only work for companies where we would like to work ourselves
  • We want to understand, so we listen
  • We want you to grow, it’s how we grow
  • We don’t do one-night stands, we’re exclusively focused on long-term relationships
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