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Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online, and now on-demand. The world of modern media is evolving faster than ever. Want to be a part of it? This is your chance.

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One of Europe’s largest media companies is about to shake up the market in the coming years. They’ve been competing with one of the biggest media conglomerates since their inception, and now they have to face giants like Facebook and Netflix. It’s time for someone to strengthen their team. It’s your moment to step into the elevator going up.

Nice, how can I help?

As a Machine Learning Engineer you will become part of a team of experts that develop and maintain a collection of APIs that can power all of the news and video platforms. Currently they are already serving millions of recommendations per day in well-known video platforms. You’ll play a key role in expanding and optimizing the Recommendation system. Your journey involves diving into the realms of Machine Learning and Software Engineering, with unwavering support from your team and company resources. You will participate in collaborative brainstorming sessions to enhance the back-end and algorithms. Also, you design, develop, run, and evaluate online AB-tests and foster operational excellence through practices like code reviews and pair programming. Ready for the challenge?

Definitely, what do they need from me?

With your pre-existing passion for Machine Learning you already made the first step. In addition, you hold a degree in computer science and are intrigued by digital media products. Also, your technical expertise is your strong point.

I’ve got it all, but what’s in it for me?

Your skills are highly valued here, that’s why you can count on an attractive salary and great benefits. Working from home is part of the extra’s and you get the opportunity to work on some of the most innovative ML applications in the industry. We know you are the right person for the job. So apply now, we will contact you soon!

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