Embedded Software Engineer

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 60.000  -  € 80.000
IT Software (non-SaaS)

Why would you have so many solar panels when you could generate more energy from less surface area? Or if your roof is small, you need every square inch to be as profitable as possible. So let’s fix that.

What is this about?

Not many people know that their solar panels could be much more productive. And the energy transition is for a big part dependent on the power of the sun, so we need to use that as efficiently as possible. We lose power and we don’t know about it either. It’s time we find every Watt we can.

You can do that by working at this company, which has found a way to track the performance of a solar panel. Local shading and aging of the cell can cause losses in productivity. Their system is designed to be sure every single cell generates as much energy as possible. From the insights they gather, they create advice on what their clients can trust to be much more productive.

How can I contribute?

As an embedded software developer, your main responsibility will be further developing and maintaining this company’s embedded software. This consists of two products: the solar optimizer and the gateway. Both include real-time microcontrollers (8051 core SiLabs EFM8) for real-time and critical functions and the gateway has a microcontroller (ESP32) running FreeRTOS for all other functionality. You will be working on both applications and will create embedded software for the devices themselves, testers and any additional tooling.

Do I have the required skills to work here?

Don’t worry. With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in electronics, Computer Science, or an embedded software-related major you will come a long way. It is furthermore important that you have working experience in embedded software development (3+ years). Experience with software architecture design and with low-level embedded C comes in handy as well.

And what do I get in return?

Your work is highly appreciated by this company. Therefore, it is only right that you will get a nice salary in return, which will be between €60.000 and €80.000. You can also count on excellent fringe benefits. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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