Data Engineer Renewable Energy

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 65.000  -  € 70.000
Renewable Energy

Turn the lights off, close the windows, and please, just use LED-light. Useful tips and all, but these people make the real difference. Saving energy has been taken to the next level, but they need some extra hands. Time for the next generation to help them get more out of their data and build an even more sustainable business!

Tell me more…

In modern times, almost every company in the world has to save energy, but that’s easier said than done. Where do you have to start? If you’re in an industry where there are so many energy-using systems, finding a big energy loss is like a needle in a haystack. And we need to make a difference right now if we want to make it to 2050.

As they are scaling up their platform with their data team, they leverage new technologies to keep up performance and productivity. Their current AWS stack is focused on ingesting raw sensor data into MongoDB and exposing it through InfluxDB, all done over a NATS message bus. Batch processing is done using Perfect and Fargate, on-demand services are deployed using Lambda. They are planning to move to a streams-first architecture with Kafka, where they process data in real-time and expose it for analysis in structured databases. They have a powerful internal GraphQL API to expose data to end-users, managed by Hasura.

Interesting! How can I add value?

As mentioned before this company has got the ultimate solution in finding spots to save energy on. With their innovative system, they check the energy flows in their client’s industry. Based on that collected data, they come with advice, which can save their clients huge amounts of energy ánd money.

As a member of the data team, you will contribute to the fast growth of this company. Your challenge is to mature their data platform. Having the right data and compute available without impacting their ingestion, running customized models for their customers, and providing their domain experts with insightful tools is central to their success. You will empower their data scientists, analysts, and consultants to develop machine learning models and analyses that help their customers save energy. We have embraced server-less and event-driven architectures, self-service analytics, and stream processing, but are very much still in the process of making them a reality.

I would like that! Am I good enough?

Of course, you are, thanks to your several years of Data Engineering Experience. You have knowledge and work experience with several different techniques such as Python but also cloud technologies like, Spark, Kafka, Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS Lambda. You are also passionate about one of the following (the more the better!): server-less and event-driven architectures, machine learning operations, stream processing, saving our climate, scale-up life. It would be a big bonus if you have knowledge of statistics and machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Scikit-learn. 

What’s in it for me?

As a Data Engineer, you’ve got nothing to complain about, thanks to the monthly salary of around € 6.000,-. While working there, the lines are short and it’s easy to get in touch with every co-worker, from the janitor to the CEO. Working at the office in Utrecht is nice, but for now, working from home is obviously possible 36 or 40 hours it is up to you. When this all sounds as sweet, the only button for you is to apply and we will collect your data ;)!

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