Data Engineer

Rotterdam, Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 70.000  -  € 100.000

Great education? That’s essential for children, youngsters, and the future of our small country. But to truly improve education, you need to understand it.

Tell me more…

And that’s exactly where these individuals excel. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of education, they can help every educational institution use data in the right way.

Here, they don’t just find the problem, they delve into the root cause. Through data analysis, tailored advice, and innovative software solutions and dashboards, they not only help students but also make the educational institution itself smarter. Will you contribute to the future of our Dutch youth?

Definitely, how can I help?

As a Senior Data Engineer you will be an essential part of a team that will start its journey from the moment you step in. You will work on a completely new and innovative product and together with your team choose the junior developers that are the right fit. You are the direct voice in hiring your new colleagues. In addition, you will develop software and applications on a Microsoft Azure Data Factory basis, keep them up to date and continuously improve them. Because you don’t stop after V1.0, there is always room to make it bigger and better. Ready to make education better for everyone?

Yes! But what do I need to bring to the table?

As the master of data, for you data has no secrets. You have some years of experience in a similar role and therefor also extensive knowledge of databases. Designing dataprocesses and -models is piece of cake and you know how to coach young talent. Of course, you have the needed experience with Azure Data Factory and hold a 104 certification. Did you already work with Terraform before and also speak Dutch? Then you’ll score some bonus points.

I’ve got it all, but what is in it for me?

You can count on a monthly salary between €5.400,- and €7.700,- and some great benefits. Working from home 50% is part of the options, and you get to choose all the equipment you need to do your work. Also, don’t worry about that holiday with your family or friends. There is enough time off to make that trip to a sunny beach or snowy mountaintops. And you’ll receive a NS business card, so you can make your commute to work easy. Sounds good right? Apply now, we will contact you soon!

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