Business Development Representative

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 32.000  -  € 40.000
IT Software (SaaS)

Taking a picture of a piece of clothing with your own little camera, to ask a friend whether you should keep it or not. It happens often enough. But you almost never get a really good quality picture, because of the lighting, wrinkles or other annoying stuff. It didn’t look like that on the webshop! But let’s be honest, they use really good photo material.

What’s this about?

We all do online shopping nowadays. We’re even forced to it, when the physical shops close. It leads to an enormous growth of webshops, and now there are tons of online stores that don’t even have a place you can go to. Everything is online, and the clothing you purchase is purely based on pictures. But where do these pictures come from? And how can it be that they’re all so ridiculously sharp and detailed?

This company focused fully on making complete photo machines since 2010. Their product is completely designed for capturing all kinds of clothes in extremely good quality. They deliver the end-to-end process, from taking the picturing to posting it online. This brought them to huge successes and the growth where they’re in now. This growth offers them the chance to expand even more.

And I can contribute to that?

You can indeed help this growth go even faster, as their new Business Development Representative. You’ll do business with big companies in a niche market and a big part of the job is abroad for inventorizing. In addition to that, you’ll maintain accurate activity in the contact databases. You build the high-quality lead pipeline.

But what if I’m not good enough?

Not good enough is only a word for people who don’t believe in themselves. You are a salesperson, right? And you’ve got the ambition to grow? Well, you see, it’s not that hard to be good. The few years of experience in skills kickstart your chances here and the quick learning ability makes it even better.

Alright then, but I gotta eat every day…

Don’t you worry about the payment for this job. The salary of up to €35.000 gross a year makes it really appealing in this junior role, but we’re not finished yet. Your phone ánd laptop will be taken care of, as well as your lunch, even when you work from home. And within a company that has such a unique product in its market, you got yourself a nice place with future settled. Any more questions? No problem! Tessa answers them with pleasure.

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