Business Development Executive Commerce

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 70.000  -  € 90.000
IT Consultancy

Customer is king. We all know it. Especially nowadays, in the age of the internet. Your wildest dreams are just a click away with the ‘add to shopping cart’ button. So, what’s next? What does the next-level customer experience look like?

Tell me more…

With the global rise of E-commerce and a whole host of new media platforms that can be used to sell products, buying a product has never been so complex. Back in the days you would simply go to a store, grab a product, drop some money on the counter and that was that. Nowadays, there are more stores than you can count, selling more products than you can imagine, and offering more payment options than you can fathom. Selling a product is infinitely more complex than it used to be.

Fortunately, there’s one company working to make buying stuff, easy again. By combining one of the world’s leading marketing agencies with one of the world’s leading digital agencies, it has become the one-stop-shop for all things e-commerce. From developing marketing campaigns and analyzing customer data, to building a completely new E-commerce platform – they do it all.

Great, so what are they looking for?

A visionary. A leader. Someone to take their biggest clients by the hand and guide them through the Digital Age. Someone who understands the world of digital commerce and knows exactly what the consumer wants. Someone like you.

That’s me indeed, but what will I do?

As Business Development Executive Commerce, you will help your account realize their digital agenda. This starts by understanding their corporate strategy and learning how the priorities of various decision makers differ. From Management, Business, and Procurement to IT. The more you know about your account, the better you’ll be able to service them. By working closely together with your internal leads for the digital departments, you help your account improve their digital presence and grow their ecommerce revenue, picking up on every cross- and upsell opportunity along the way.

Awesome, what can I bring?

Agency experience is key. It helps if you know the digital/ecommerce domain and your personality definitely counts for a lot. But in the end, it’s solid agency experience that will make all the difference. Because knowing how to deal with complex decision-making processes and understanding large projects with a lot of moving parts is essential to getting stuff done in this role. Besides that, excellent presentation and communication skills in both Dutch and English are a given.

That’s me! But I don’t work for free…

With great responsibility comes great compensation. That’s why you’ll start with a base salary up to € 80.000 gross a year. Besides that, you will receive excellent secondary benefits, including a nice pension, an impressive bonus and a new laptop and phone. And last but not least, you’ll get to transform the digital presence of some of the biggest brands out there. So, what are you waiting for? Click apply!

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