Business Analyst

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 55.000  -  € 85.000

Why do living beings survive on earth? Because they adapt. And if you not only survive but thrive, you can rightfully call yourself successful. And that’s just what they did here, by making big changes and shifting to where the opportunities are. It’s one of the Dutch proudest organizations thriving, but they need your help.

Tell me more…

As one of the biggest, oldest, and most iconic companies in the Netherlands, they’ve been reaching all over the world with their original product. But since there is much more, and possibilities in electricity products came faster than global warming, they adapted, as I told you just now.

Expanding the brand, and building from the market they already owned, that’s what they still do. Now they own multiple markets, and they’re worldwide recognized as a company that makes electrical products in divergent sectors; from domestic appliances to audiovisual, to professional healthcare. And every part needs exceptional quality in order to keep their reputation. Quality that you help to deliver.

Awesome! What can I do?

You will be the one who supports the Product Owners, in order to design the best direct-to-customer landscape in their Domestic Appliances department. Your research as a Business Analyst makes sure the Product Owners design the most efficient market aspects. In that way, you make an actual difference in the way things are designed for the customer. You’re basically a junior Product Owner, and if all goes well, the Product Owner role is ready for you.

Let’s check if I’m qualified.

Got any working experience in D2C or eCommerce? And with agile development? And are you able to lay a connection between hands-on research and tactical decisions? Then you’re the one. With your understanding of the eCommerce business and will to improve every D2C process you can think of, you’re the extra value they want in this district.

I am, but what’s the value for me?

For you, there are plenty of reasons to apply. Is a yearly salary of up to €85.000 gross competitive enough for you? And you get to work in such a big and dynamic multinational that your career gets much more meaningful. Working with new technologies, opportunities for growth, and variety and challenge are other keywords that are cliché, but definitely relevant here. Is your interest relevant? Talk to us about it and we’ll tell you much more.

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