API Integration Engineer

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fulltime employee
€ 50.000  -  € 75.000
Renewable Energy

Electric driving is the future. But any battery on wheels needs to charge. How is that arranged? Who pays for it? Where does the power come from? You can help determine that. Are you going to take on the challenge?

Tell on …

Since electric driving has taken place, a major changeover has taken place. Combustion engines are becoming obsolete and driving on (green) electricity is growing every year. You need charging points to charge all those cars. But if different companies provide the city with charging points and power, who keeps the overview?
This company knows how to manage that. It offers solutions in the enormous spider web that is the world of charging stations, energy transactions, and smart cities. They do this by, how they call it, "connecting the dots" using remote-controlled digital products. With their flexible EV platform, the energy transactions have never been that easy.

Sounds cool, what can I do

As an API Integration Engineer, you will manage the API portfolio and the life cycle. You are going to be involved in the integration, implementation, and the testing of the API’s, and the future direction. You are also going to be in charge of the integration process with all the different platforms and systems. Data is also an important factor in this. Of course, you also going to create the best of the best documentation. With the help of your skillset, the software is ready to revolutionize the next generation of e-mobility and smart energy.

Interesting, but what do I need to bring?

You have more than 3 years of experience with API integration and testing. It would be ideal if you have a background in full-stack development. Preferably with the following techniques: PHP, SQL, Linux, JavaScript. Experience with DevOps is a big plus. In addition to your technical knowledge, you also have a linguistic attitude, so that you can keep up with the international environment.

This is the one for me! But what does it bring me?

With your knowledge, there is also a wide appreciation. A competitive base salary up to €5.500 gross a month is of course nice, but the fact that you can continue to develop in all kinds of ways is the greatest thing. You also get your own computer and your bonus is based on shares: growth is profit! In addition, you also contribute to the promotion of a beautiful system that benefits the entire E-mobility sector. Interested? Then apply now!

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