Focus on IT

We are not IT professionals. We never will be. But that doesn’t make it any less important for us to always stay on top of the market and the latest technical developments. Because we recruit IT professionals. We do IT recruitment. That’s our trade. A trade of its own.

In order to offer our clients and candidates exactly what they need, we first need to understand them. What they do, can, and want to achieve. And it all starts with technology. Which is why we know every step of the process. From Analysis, Architecture, and Design to Development, Testing, and Operations. From the smallest SPA’s to the biggest ERP’s. From monolith to microservices. From On-premise to the Cloud. Whatever the question may be, we have the answer. Whether it’s an Enterprise Architect for a large multinational, a CTO for a scrappy start-up, or a Developer for a cool product company. Having knowledge of the market and the world of IT, it’s the base of our IT Recruitment.

We’re not going to claim to know every single tool or programming language out there. That’s impossible. There will always be some obscure programming language suddenly gaining popularity, a new CI/CD-tool to speed up deployments, or a new framework that makes last month’s framework obsolete. That’s why we listen. We listen to what our candidates tell us about their work and what our clients tell us about their business. We listen to the market and try to stay on top of the latest developments. Even when it comes to matters like Data Science and Machine learning, containerization with Docker and Kubernetes of functional programming in Scala and Elixir. We’re not the expert, our candidates are. We’re experts in experts. Which makes us experts in IT Recruitment. And we’re happy to help.

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